Wine Tram

Discover the best Attractions & Activities in Franschhoek just minutes away from the famed Franschhoek Wine Tram!

Ready to immerse yourself in the charm of Franschhoek Valley? Drop off your luggage, take a quick 5-minute stroll, and hop on board the Franschhoek Wine Tram for an unforgettable adventure through picturesque vineyards and renowned wineries.

The Franschhoek Wine Tram is a must-visit attraction, offering a delightful way to explore the Western Cape’s wine country. Embark on an open-air tram or bus, and journey through a selection of handpicked wine estates, each offering its own distinct flavors and ambiance.

With stops at multiple vineyards along the route, you’ll have the opportunity to savor exquisite wine tastings, wander through lush vineyards, and soak in the breathtaking landscapes of the region. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or simply seeking a leisurely outing, the Wine Tram promises an unforgettable experience.

For the latest updates on routes, participating wineries, and more, be sure to visit the official Franschhoek Wine Tram website or contact the local tourism office. Start your journey today and uncover the treasures of Franschhoek Valley with the Franschhoek Wine Tram!


Experience the ultimate blend of history and luxury amidst the stunning landscapes of the Western Cape with Boschendal – your go-to for Attractions and Activities in Franschhoek. Nestled in South Africa’s captivating Western Cape, Boschendal dates back to 1685, offering a timeless escape into elegance and natural beauty.

Discover a harmonious fusion of heritage and luxury as you explore Boschendal’s sprawling vineyards, meticulously maintained gardens, and awe-inspiring mountain panoramas. Indulge in award-winning wines and delectable farm-to-table cuisine in this unparalleled sanctuary.

Step into the rich tapestry of Boschendal’s history and architectural brilliance, where the Cape Dutch design, epitomized by the impeccably preserved Manor House, invites you to journey through the ages.

More than just a destination, Boschendal promises an immersive exploration of South Africa’s cultural heritage, seamlessly blending tradition with modernity in the heart of the Western Cape. Whether you’re craving relaxation or adventure, Boschendal invites you to immerse yourself in the essence of South Africa’s captivating landscape and heritage.

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Festivals and Markets

Discover the magic of The Bastille Festival in Franschhoek, an iconic event that transforms this picturesque town in the heart of the Western Cape into a vibrant celebration of French flair and South African warmth.

Annually commemorating the storming of the Bastille, this festival invites visitors to immerse themselves in a delightful fusion of Gallic culture and local charm. Wander the lively streets alive with music, art, and culinary delights, as the spirit of France infuses the heart of South Africa’s wine country.

Indulge your senses as wineries and restaurants open their doors, offering a tantalizing array of exquisite wines and gourmet treats. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Franschhoek Valley, The Bastille Festival creates an enchanting atmosphere where the joie de vivre of the French meets the warm embrace of South African hospitality, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all who partake in the Attractions and Activities in Franschhoek.

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Rhodes Cottage

Rhodes Cottage in Franschhoek is a historic gem nestled in the scenic Western Cape. Once the home of the renowned British imperialist Cecil John Rhodes, this cottage encapsulates a bygone era’s charm and significance. Surrounded by manicured gardens and overlooking the breathtaking Franschhoek Valley, the cottage invites visitors to step back in time and explore the life and legacy of Rhodes. Preserving the elegance of its original architecture, the cottage stands as a testament to Rhodes’ influence on South Africa’s history. Stepping through its doors is like entering a time capsule, offering a glimpse into the opulence and sophistication of the late 19th century. Rhodes Cottage is not merely a historical landmark; it is a poignant journey into the past, where the beauty of the surroundings mirrors the rich tapestry of South Africa’s cultural heritage.

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Franschhoek Square

Franschhoek Square is the vibrant heart of this picturesque town in the Western Cape, where charm and conviviality converge. Framed by the majestic Groot Drakenstein Mountains, the square exudes an inviting atmosphere, adorned with quaint boutiques, art galleries, and culinary delights. Paved pathways lead visitors on a journey through a kaleidoscope of experiences, from savoring delectable local cuisine to perusing artisanal crafts. The square serves as a gathering place for locals and visitors alike, fostering a sense of community against the backdrop of colonial architecture and blooming flowerbeds. With the surrounding winelands adding a touch of sophistication, Franschhoek Square is not merely a geographical center; it is a lively crossroads where the spirit of the town comes to life, creating a delightful tableau of South African hospitality and cultural richness.

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Beauty Treatments and Massages

Our fully qualified beauty therapists offer you the luxury of a full range of beauty therapies and massages in the comfort of your guest room.

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Franschhoek offers great options for bikers. Easy tours between the vineyards and more than 80 km of mountain bike tracks in the mountains. This is paradise for you if you want to be active.

For normal road use, we have 2 bikes at the guesthouse that our guests can rent free of charge (subject to availability).

High quality bikes for offroad tours can be booked at Franschhoek Cycles, just down the road from Ashbourne House.

Wine Walk

We are proud to recommend a beautiful and unique walking tour through the vineyards which takes you from vineyard to vineyard. The tour is a great alternative to the Wine Tram. And it is free of charge.

You choose the distance you’re happy to walk and we will show you exactly where to go. And on the way, you stop for lunch at one of the vineyards. Life’s good.


For those who would like to exercise and get a different, more intense view at nature, we have different amazing hiking trails in our Valley. Together with you, we’ll work out which one is best for you.